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In Costa Rica visitors can enjoy an assortment of sceneries and eco-systems within a very short drive. Dense rainforests, tropical dry forests with century old trees, mystic volcanoes with smoky craters, golden coasts with surfers sliding the waves and deep blue waters were scuba divers, world of colorful corals, green sea turtles, and blue whales.

Costa Rica, a small country covering only 19,560 square miles, 0.03 percent of the Earth´s surface, contains an astonishing amount of plants and animal life, approximately 6 percent of the world’s biodiversity. Costa Rica is a country blessed by exuberant nature, pristine beaches and an inmense biodiversity, but what really makes this small diverse country a special place where you will always desire to come back is its people.

ABOUT San Jose

San Jose is a cosmopolitan capital surrounded by theaters, museums, parks and galleries. A walking tour through San Jose city will show the country's cultural patrimony whose architecture has been influenced by different stylistic currents through all its history: from Colonial, Neoclassic and Eclectic to Art Deco and Victorian. Some of San Jose´s main attractions include a visit to the Gold and Jade Museums and the National Theater. Another interesting site is the Central Market, a traditional place which time hasn´t changed. It is a great place to observe and share with the average Costa Ricans. While walking through the narrow passages one can see hundreds of traditional toys, pets, wood and leather crafts, candles, religious images and smell the great mix of spices, coffee, flowers, natural herbs, fruit and food.

About Escazu

Nestled on the hillsides, Escazú is a small, colonial town overlooking the beauty that Costa Rica is known to offer its residents and visitors: volcanic mountain chains and green grassy foothills. It is located approximately 9 km (6 miles) west of central San Jose. The town lies at an elevation of 1,101 meters above sea level on the northeast slopes of the Cerros de Escazú. It is approximately 15 km (9 miles) from the major airport, Juan Santamaria (SJO). Always considered a great location for rest and relaxation, Escazú, derived from the indigenous word "Izt-kat-zu", meaning "resting stone," was where the traveling Indians would stop and rest in between villages. Legend holds that the town was originally known as “La Ciudad de las Brujas,” or The City of Witches, due to the indigenous people’s use of the local herbs for healing. This legendary tag led to the municipal seal illustrating a witch on a broomstick flying over the mountainous terrain and the local soccer team adopting the name Brujas (Witches) F.C. Escazú follows the Central Standard time zone 6 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time. Costa Rica does not use daylight saving time, so the time difference is an additional hour April through October. Escazu is also home to many loca businesseness in the are and thus the Escazu Real Estate Market is very hot right now.

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