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Activities in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a small country but the activities are endless. Starting with Canopy Tours and hiking in the rainforest and ending with one of the many water activities like surfing and sportfishing.


Costa Rica is known for its active volcanoes. Arenal Volcano is the most spectacular of the many volcanoes in Costa Rica. Here you can see Arenal volcano erupt on a daily basis. There also are beautiful hot springs nearby where you can spoil yourself in one of the many full service spas. If you want a day trip from San Jose, the capital, you can go to Volano Poas. Poas Volcano has a huge crater over one mile in diameter and it also has one of the largest geysers. Volcan Irazú is also a day trip from San Jose. Irazu Volcano is a bit less spectacular than Arenal or Poas but still worth the while.


A vacation to Costa Rica is not complete until you visit one of its many tropical forests. Monteverde Cloud Forest is one of the most popular Reserves in the country. However by the laid back feel to the neighboring town of Santa Elena you would not expect that it is one of the most visited destinations in Costa Rica. The unspoiled cloud forest of Monteverde is very popular with birdwatchers. The Quetzal is of particular importance where you can see the rare and exclusive bird. Corcovado National Park, although much harder to get to, is one of the most beautiful rain forests in the world.


Costa Rica is a country rich with nature and where there is nature there is adventure. Adventure Travel activities in and around Costa Rica are so plentiful you are sure not to run out of things to do.


Canopy tours

Whether it's a zip-line thrill ride, gondola, or naturalist educational trip through the treetops, canopy tours have exploded in popularity in the past decade.


Coffee tours

Before it was overtaken by tourism, coffee was the driving force of Costa Rica's economy. A tour of a coffee farm and processing facility is a great way to satisfy your curiosity about the source of your morning cuppa and get an introduction to Tico history and culture.


Surfing & Windsurfing

Costa Rica's breaks are world renowned, and rightly so. Inland, Lake Arenal has constantly balmy water (66 to 71 °F, 19-21 °C), average wind speeds of 24 mph (40 kph), and an exquisite setting for windsurfers. Rental equipment and lessons for both types of board sport are available.


Volcano Watching

Arenal is the premier destination with its lava flows, fire belching, and rolling smoking boulders, but Poás and Irazú have their attractions as well.


Nature Cruise

The canals of Tortuguero, wetlands of Caño Negro, and mangroves of the Damas estuary adjacent to Manuel Antonio are the most popular places to sit back relax and let the boatman be your guide to bird and wildlife spotting.



As you might suspect in a country covered in rain forest that rises from one ocean to 12,000 feet and drops back to sea level in the space of 70 miles, whitewater abounds in Costa Rica. Trips cater to all ability levels and interests.


Sunning, swimming, surfing, sailing, scuba, snorkeling, and that's just the S's.. Beach lovers might think that Christopher Columbus had them in mind when he dubbed this (or did he?) the land of the "Rich Coast".


Nature Walk

This catchall category covers everything from a walk on a paved path to multi-night treks up the bed of a river to prime jaguar country. Most visitors to Costa Rica spend at least some time hiking through the rain and cloud forests or along the beaches.


Hot Springs

There are hundreds of hotsprings in this volcanic land and a couple of them have spawned spas. If you want to relax your tired muscles (or have a masseur relax them for you) hit the natural pools, then spend a night at Tabacón resort.



Rainforests, mountains, and canyons add up to countless waterfalls and you can enjoy anything from walk up viewing platforms a few yards from a restaurant to strenuous hikes into secluded skinny-dipping pools.


Bird Watching

Everyone becomes an amateur birder as soon as they land in Costa Rica. You can't help but notice the remarkable colors, calls and plumage, and you'll find plenty of serious bird watchers and qualified guides to fill you in on the habits and natural history of the species you see.


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